What Keeps You Up At Night? Budget: Cloudy Payroll: Revenue Forecasts & CapEx Allocations? Outsource vs Insource? Strategy: Critical Rethinking of Needs? Liability Reduction: Lease restructuring, terminations, asset monetization, and rightsizing? Can you better align strategic objectives with agility and expense control?

What Keeps You Up At Night?


Cloudy Revenue Forecasts & CapEx Allocations


Outsource vs Insource: What Functions?


Critical Rethinking of Needs

Liability Reduction

Lease Restructurings, Terminations, Asset Monetization and Rightsizings

Strategic Objectives with Agility & Expense Control?

We Match Needs With Solutions:

Existing Contractual Liabilities

Develop Single Repository for Management, Assessment, and Analysis

Meticulous Portfolio Management

Day-to-Day Real Estate and Technology Portfolio & Contract Management

IT Integration

Needs Assessment & Migration Strategies Qualified and Quantified

Aggressive Expense Reductions

  • Strategy Formulation & Execution
  • Financial Modeling of “What-If” Scenarios for Transformation
  • Assess Space Needs Today vs. Tomorrow
  • Reassess all Lease & Contract Terms to Coincide with Corporate Objectives
  • Benchmark the Competition and Monitor Industry Operating Trends
  • Financial Engineering: Asset Monetization and Ongoing Valuation Studies

To hear our “war stories” and learn how we effectuate meaningful financial change