Medical & Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

From payer mix optimization to telehealth and industry reforms, we understand the needs of Healthcare.  Our service platform integrates the critical elements of accounting, state & local taxation, real estate, labor, incentives, operations, and consulting.  

As we are part of one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the US, we approach each client, industry, and objective with a complete palette of perspectives and expertise which only adds to the clarity we can provide in the decision making and scenario planning process. 

Common Pain Points

Optimization of Payer Mix/Profitability

Who are vs Who should be your optimal patient mix?


Industry Reform

Do you have a process in place for integrated business planning?

Agility & Responsiveness

Are management processes agile enough to react when/where needed?

Alignment of Capital & Goals

Is there alignment of the two, if not how can that be corrected?


How to plan for the next 3 – 10 years given today’s trending patterns and predictors.

Unique Service Offerings

Utilization of Predictive and Inferential Algorithms

Merge Payer Mix Goals with Future Facility and Specialization Planning

Leverage Opportunity Zones to Find New Locations


Create a 5, 10 and 15 Year Plans that encompass Pain Points 1 – 5

Featured Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Liability Management, Performance Enhancement, Agility Enablement, and Technology Integration



Operations Transformation

Process that matches the best solution to each problem given all the variables, pressures, and nuances presented



Lease Liability & Restructuring

Top-tier real estate advisors for companies in transition, stress, or distress