Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services

Assist with Transactional Advice Through All Phases of a Transaction

Go-to-Market Preparation & Execution


Manage Overall Process, Timelines, and Financial Expectations

Strategy Development, Analysis & Financial Modeling

Project Execution & Timeline Management

Lease Review

Be it for M&A, financing, internal audit, or prudent management needs, a solid understanding of current and future lease obligations is a fundamental element of understanding your real estate situation and potential strategic alternatives.


Action Plans Based upon Notification Dates

Specific Attention to Options (Renewal/Expansion/Contraction) Compared to Current Market Rates and Conditions within the Submarket and Building(s)

Recommendations for Pre-Emptive Renegotiation Strategies


An Educated Review and Assessment of Current Lease & Amendments

CAM Audits

Tenants and Landlords alike have the ability to audit their annual CAM charges. Based upon the size of the operation and lease provisions, this can and should be a valuable annual exercise for any business or landlord.

Utility and Overtime HVAC Calculations

Condo Fees


Vendor Contracts

Property tax increases

Pro Rata Share Calculations

Base Year Tune-Ups

Property Acquisition Analysis

Create robust reports and action plans that provide the following:

Evaluate past, current and future market conditions

Vet underwriting assumptions based on real-time market data/transactions

Create/evaluate ARGUS models (ensure and prove market assumptions)

Prepare offering memorandums for sale or equity

Make disposition recommendations and timeline (refinance, sale, LP equity, etc.)

Position properties for sale