Private Equity

Private Equity

From M&A Due Diligence to PortCo expense optimization, our practice group understands the needs of Private Equity.   We analyze, craft, and implement defendable financial strategies designed to create accretive value by enhancing EBITDA and mitigating operational liabilities both short and long-term.

By matching the exit strategies of the financial sponsor with the operational needs of the PortCos, we effectuate thought-provoking and lasting economic change while improving the infrastructure of each organization.

Common Pain Points

Exit Strategies

Coupling the Financial Sponsor’s Exit Strategies with the Operational Needs of Portfolio Companies

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives that Incorporate: EBITDA, Agility, Risk Management, Talent Retention and Tax-related Impacts 

Customized Analysis

Customized Metric and KPI Analysis from each Stakeholder’s Perspective

Unique Service Offerings 

For the Financial Sponsor:

M&A Due Diligence

Read more about M&A Due Diligence

Customized Metric-Driven Analytics and KPIs

C-Suite Holistic Dashboard of Portfolio Companies Operational Platforms

Real Estate, Technology, etc.

Asset Monetization Scenarios

Operations Transformation Planning

Read more about Operations Transformation Planning

Peer Group Benchmarking

Exit Value Enhancement Planning

Lease Restructurings, Terminations, Footprint Reductions, Sale-Leasebacks,etc.

For the Portfolio Company:

Strategic Planning

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Outsourced Portfolio Management

Read more about Outsourced Portfolio Management


Lease & Technology Contract Abstraction


On-Going Cost Monitoring and Auditing

Operations Transformation

Read more about Operations Transformation Planning

Single Repository for All Documents

Read more about Lease and Contract Administration


Transaction and Project Management


Automated Notification Warnings and Updates

Critical Date Tracking (Options, Termination and Expiration Reports

Read more about Lease and Contract Administration


Integrated FASB 842 Compliance Planning and Reporting

Featured Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Liability Management, Performance Enhancement, Agility Enablement, and Technology Integration



Operations Transformation

Process that matches the best solution to each problem given all the variables, pressures, and nuances presented



Lease Liability & Restructuring

Top-tier real estate advisors for companies in transition, stress, or distress