Retail & Hospitality

Retail & Hospitality

Be it retail portfolio optimization, transformation of e-commerce, integrated planning, or liability mitigation, we understand the needs of Retail & Hospitality.  Our service platform integrates the critical elements of accounting, state & local taxation, real estate, labor, incentives, operations, and consulting.  

As we are part of one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the US, we approach each client, industry, and objective with a complete palette of perspectives and expertise which only adds to the clarity we can provide in the decision making and scenario planning process.

Common Pain Points

Supply Chain Assessment and Optimization

Integrated Planning: Retail, Warehouse, Office

Geopolitical Risk Planning

Unique Service Offerings

Predictive & Inferential Data Analysis

Forecasting – Benchmarking

Local Market Rent Benchmarking

Store KPI Benchmarking

Existing Store Analysis


Integration & Synergy Assessment

Portfolio Risk/Opportunity Valuation

Global & National Expansion Planning Acquisition Due Diligence

Featured Consulting Services

Outsourced Managed Services

Assist with the burdens of managing a real estate and technology portfolio



Operations Transformation

Process that matches the best solution to each problem given all the variables, pressures, and nuances presented



Lease Liability & Restructuring

Top-tier real estate advisors for companies in transition, stress, or distress