Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution

From supply chain optimization to global site selection, we understand the needs of M&D.  Our service platform integrates the critical elements of accounting, state & local taxation, real estate, labor, incentives, transportation, operations and consulting.  

As we are part of one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the US, we approach each client, industry and objective with a complete palette of perspectives and expertise which only adds to the clarity we can provide in the decision making and scenario planning process. 

Common Pain Points


Costs are Rising and Availability is Shrinking

State & Local Taxation / Incentives Programs

Changing Politics, Expiring Programs and Limiting Qualifications

Geo-Political Forces

Impacting Importing, Exporting, and Logistics

EBITDA / Rising Occupancy Costs

Inflection Point Reached in Supply & Demand of Industrial Space

Unique Service Offerings

Supply Chain Optimization

National Labor Studies and Forecasts

State/Local Property Tax and Incentive Package Negotiations

Warehouse Layout and Configuration


Recasting of Economic Lease Terms


How to plan for the next 3 – 5 years given the continued changing dynamics in the M&D space (specifically E-Commerce’s influence)

Featured Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Liability Management, Performance Enhancement, Agility Enablement, and Technology Integration



Global Site Selection

Assist companies with location strategies both in the U.S. and globally by providing guidance on workforce solutions



Supply Chain Optimization

Integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to craft a solution to match the needs of the organization