COVID Triage

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What can Management do right now?


Create a Virtual War Room and Task Force (Internal and External Advisors)

Prudently Cut / Mitigate / Renegotiate Fixed Cost Obligations

Assess Gaps in Current and Longer-Term Virtual Business Continuity Plans

Buy Precious Time Through On-Going Situation Reassessment, Program Monitoring & Action

How can Consilium Partners help?



Be part of Your Task Force and Provide Real-Time Insights

  • Integrate All the Resources, Research and Perspectives of the CohnReznick Platform

Assess all Fixed Infrastructure Costs and Create a Prudent Cost Reduction Plan

  • Lease Abstract, Review and Key-Clause Analysis
  • Lease, Contract & MSA Restructuring
  • Subleasing
  • Terminations
  • Force Majeure Clause: Analysis and Real-Time Legal Updates
  • Personal Guarantee Clauses
  • Asset Monetization Scenarios
  • “What-If” Financial Modeling
  • Separate: Needs vs Wants vs Legacy Costs & Obligations
  • Landlord Engagement and Problem Solving

Define Pain Points and Impasses in the Current Contingency Plan; Iterate and Facilitate Needed Change


Act as an unbiased Third-Party Infrastructure “Expense Watchman”


Peer Monitoring & Benchmarking (Infrastructure Realignment Options & Trends)

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